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Learn the best techniques for tying classic and modern patterns. 
Dries to nymphs, trout to bass, fresh to salt water, you will find it here eventually. Learn the tips and tricks and the "little" things that make a HUGE difference in your end results and fun along the way.
Over 40+ years experience tying and instructing like few others can offer. Detailed and in-depth instruction with clear close-up tyers-perspective videos give you the full picture (literally) of how to tie each pattern.

Every video comes with a PDF download of the pattern with a close-up photo of the finished fly along with the complete materials list to print out and follow. Start your own custom pattern book!

Click on any image below to launch that video. 

Purple UltraBugger

It will take a while, but we plan to have a LOT of videos...

Click here to see our proposed list of videos we plan to publish

And as a Silver or Gold Tier Patreon supporter we also will offer these special videos…

“Working with Hair”

“Tying Tools, Tips & Tricks”

“Foam & Synthetics”

And an in-depth 4-part video class on Classic Atlantic Salmon Flies based on my book “Feather Craft”

Don't see what you want? Request it! Send us an email and we'll try to put your request at the top of the list and let you know when it is finished and published. 

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