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What started as a way to spend more time with my two older brothers grew into a life-long obsession to this day. Fishing became a vocation as well as a hobby when in my high school years I started working at my first fly shop and continued teaching classes and began traveling to many awesome destinations around the world to fish as well. 

Teaching and sharing the sport has always been my favorite thing. I expanded my tying to everything I could find to tie. Luckily, I got to know one of the recognized masters of classic salmon flies, Bill Chinn, Jr. who frequented both shops I worked at. He was always kind emough to bring in his flies to show us. He inspired me to pursue classic salmon flies. While never up to his level of tying (few are!) I evolved and decided to share what I had learned through my book "Feather Craft - The Amazing Birds and Feathers Used in Classic Salmon Flies" (see about it on this site) since I truly was fascinated about the birds and feathers and how magical they are.

Today I hope to share all of the "tips & tricks" I've learned in over 40 years of tying flies to help make your tying as easy and enjoyable as it can be. Hope to see some of your results soon!

Professor Feather
(A.K.A. Kevin W. Erickson)

2023 Professor Feather Fly Tying

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